Update on Town Council Meetings

Update on Town Council Meetings

I hope you are still planning to attend the Florence Town Council meeting tonight.

Back on May 9th, the Town of Florence issued a news release encouraging residents to provide input to the Town’s budget by “attending one of the upcoming public meetings or otherwise contacting the Town.”

They set aside June 5th and June 19th as two dates for these meetings to be held. Then just before this past weekend, they abruptly cancelled the first budget hearing and moved it to Tuesday, June 6th at 4:00 p.m. In other words, the first budget hearing has been separated from tonight’s regular Town Council meeting.

No problem. Some folks aren’t able to change their plans, and so they are still going to the regular Town Council meeting tonight to speak directly to the Council about the budget during the “Call to Council.” This segment of the agenda is where citizens are able to speak to the Council members on any topic they choose.

I’m going both days.

The bottom line is that the Town says it encourages input on the budget. So, it should make no difference whether people decide to come out Monday or Tuesday — it’s the same audience of Council members, the same three-minute limit, and the same opportunity to provide your thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!


Stacy Gramazio/Florence Copper

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