Florence Copper Employee Named Central Arizona College AIT Student of the Year

Florence Copper Employee Named Central Arizona College AIT Student of the Year

July 5, 2023—Florence Copper Electrical Technician Abraham (“Abe”) Sepahi recently was named Central Arizona College (“CAC”) AIT Student of the Year.

Sepahi accepted the award at the Advanced Technology & Skilled Trades Division Annual Advisory Committee Breakfast, which took place in April 2023 at CAC’s Signal Peak Campus in Coolidge, Arizona. Abe attends CAC with full tuition reimbursement as part of Florence Copper’s education reimbursement program.

Each year, members of CAC faculty and staff select one student from each program of study in the Advanced Technology and Skilled Trades Division to receive an award acknowledging their talent, work ethic, and contributions to the classroom. “Abe has a lot of experience in the mining field…[and] is a great resource in my class,” said Adjunct Faculty Instructor Douglas Koelle during remarks at the advisory committee breakfast. “Abe has a lot of humility…I asked him to help out with a student that had some special needs, and he took that mission on very seriously, and I think was very instrumental in helping that person be successful in the AIT program…He is a great student and a great person all around.”

“I like working at Florence Copper because we get to work with a diversified system of electronics and electricity,” reflected Sepahi after the event. “I have developed relationships with talented and delightful professionals, and I am proud to be part of such an elite team.”

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